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for the Italian language

What's new

April 18th, 2023

• Just completed a translation project on organization security, EN>IT, 10K words
• Performed LQA for the translation (EN>IT) of certification exam content for a cloud platform

Translation Services for Direct Clients

Are you doing business with Italian customers or partners?

With a professional translator, you can communicate with your customers or partners in their own language. To tap the full range of nuance and expressive power of a language, you need a translator who is also a native speaker of the target language, someone who grew up and lives in the target country, and who understands its culture and customs in today's context.
The Internet makes direct contact with your translator easier than ever, lowering costs and improving communications. The result: better quality for your money.
You can trust AMTrad Services with your business communications, web pages, software products, manuals, etc. We handle a variety of file formats, including all Microsoft Office formats, HTML, XML, and FrameMaker. We can translate your English or French texts accurately into Italian or review Italian texts you already have, for spelling, grammar, style, and terminology.

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